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Knowledge is power. Want to learn about how democracy functions in Malaysia? This democracy education series consists of 10 episodes packed with informative content mixed with entertainment, covering topics such as Principles of Democracy, Government Systems in Malaysia, Separation of Powers, and much more!



What do young people say about democracy? Let's watch short 'reels' from influencers and hear the opinions of our groups about democracy. Democracy belongs to everyone - especially us, the youth!




Kuasa Orang Muda is a campaign to encourage young people to become active citizens through democratic education and inspiration. We want to see more young people view politics as a tool for bringing about change, and more young representatives in Residents Associations, Council Members, State Assemblies, and Parliament - someday!


Why do I have to vote?

Voting is your right to choose anyone you believe will represent your voice in the government. Your vote is power.

If you are a Malaysian citizen above 18 years old, this is a golden opportunity. Not everyone in our country has this right, such as those without documents, refugees, citizens below 18 years old, and so on. So, don't waste this opportunity.

Remember, voting is not the only way; there are many other ways for us to be active citizens. However, as citizens under a democratic system, voting is a right that you should not disregard.

Is voting capable of bringing about change?

Voting will bring about change if:

  1. We vote for leaders we know. Therefore, before each election, we should gather as much information as possible about the track record and caliber of our chosen candidates.
  2. Don't forget, we have the right to scrutinize and hold accountable the leaders we vote for regarding various issues and promises they make.

Members of Parliament, State Assembly members, and all individuals elected through the democratic process must be accountable to all voters. They should formulate policies that benefit those affected by the policies, namely the people.

Voting is not the only way to bring about change. "Check and balance" and activism within the community also lead to greater change!

What are the benefits I will gain from joining politics?

There are numerous benefits if you engage in politics. Remember, politics means being active in the community, and not just limited to political parties!

  1. You can voice your opinions and ideas by actively participating in the community and holding positions or being part of resident organizations.
  2. You will be more aware of current issues. If making a difference in the community is part of your life, undoubtedly you will follow various current issues!
  3. The future of the country will be more sustainable and progressive with more young people actively involved in the community, fostering unity, and undoubtedly assuming leadership roles. Parliament and State Assemblies need more young individuals!
  4. Policies and important government decisions will be more beneficial to youth if they have a voice, and policies take into account the voice of the youth.
Does Kuasa Orang Muda campaign involves any political parties?

No, this campaign does not involve any political parties, whether from the ruling or opposition parties. It is intended for all Malaysians, especially the youth, to gain a better understanding of the democratic system and politics within the country.

Apart from voting, what else can I do?

There are many ways to bring about change in your community, including:

  1. Engage in social impact work with fellow community members. This can involve educational projects benefiting children in the community, recycling initiatives, self-sustaining economic projects for the community, and much more.
  2. Be part of committees in Residents Associations, Village Development and Security Committees (JKKK), and organizations involved in policy-making and community administration. It is crucial for youth to hold positions in residents associations as they play a role in shaping policies and representing the voices of the residents. Remember, politics is not limited to political parties – holding positions within the community is also a form of politics that amplifies the people's voices.
  3. Advocate for important issues on social media and within the community. Educate yourself about the facts and raise awareness about your issues, not just on social media but also within your community and to your elected representatives!
  4. Vote and encourage friends and community members to vote, bringing your issues to the attention of existing or aspiring representatives. Your voice matters.
  5. Consider running as a candidate in the upcoming elections, bringing forward the concerns of the people, particularly issues affecting youth, women, and vulnerable groups!
Is youth political participation a significant issue?

Yes, indeed, youth political participation is a significant issue.

In Malaysia and other countries, politics is often seen as partisan and dirty. This leads to youth apathy towards politics, as evidenced by the low scores in the Malaysian Youth Index - particularly in the domain of political socialization in 2020. Only:

  • 29.81% of youth engage in political activities;
  • 26.84% of youth follow news on political developments; and
  • 26.58% of youth socialize about politics.

Therefore, as informed youth concerned about national development, we must strive to learn and engage as much as possible to improve the low rates of political socialization among youth, because youth are not just leaders of the future - youth are leaders today!

Why is youth participation in politics very low?

According to a study by Merdeka Center in 2021, youth have mixed views about the direction of the country, with 46% believing it is heading in the right direction and 42% believing it is heading in the wrong direction. The main reasons cited by youth who feel the country is heading in the right direction are good governance (17.6%) and leadership (11.6%), while those who feel it is heading in the wrong direction attribute it to political instability (24.7%) and negative economic conditions (20.9%).

As a result, many youth have an apathetic attitude towards politics, perceiving it to be primarily focused on partisan politics. However, studies indicate that youth are more comfortable discussing political issues with friends, peers, family members, teachers, and lecturers rather than joining political parties and directly getting involved (Nor Anita, 2017). Youth also tend to stay informed about current issues and politics through mass media, rather than discussions with friends, educational institutions, and parents (Kathryn, 2008), while the internet and social media serve as platforms for gathering information, especially on platforms like Facebook and Twitter (Noor Azma, 2014). Currently, political socialization platforms for youth include activities such as watching news, participating in online forums, and engaging in discussions on social media.

Politics is not just about political parties. Politics is about the right and power to change the country for the better. You are the agents of change because youth politics must start now. The more young people actively participate in politics, the faster change can be achieved.

Why should young people become active citizens?
Because we understand what we want. If there aren't many young people actively participating in politics and policy-making, how can we expect to have policies or government initiatives that truly address youth issues? Remember, young people need to become active citizens because we are not just the leaders of the future - we are the leaders of today.
How can I make a difference in my society and community?

There are several ways you can bring about change in your community, including:

  • Engaging in social impact work with friends in your community. This can involve projects focused on education, recycling, community-based economic initiatives, and more.
  • Becoming part of committees in Residents' Associations, Village Development Committees, and organizations that shape policies and administer community affairs. It's important for young people to hold positions in residents' associations, as they have the power to influence policies and represent the voices of the community. Remember, politics is not just about political parties - holding positions within the community is also a form of politics that amplifies the voices of the people.
  • Advocating for important issues on social media and within your local community. Conduct thorough research and bring up your concerns not only on social media and within your community, but also to your elected representatives.
  • Voting and encouraging your friends and community members to vote, while raising awareness about the issues that matter to you with existing or potential elected representatives. Remember, your voice matters.
  • Running for office in upcoming elections and advocating for the issues that affect the people, especially issues concerning youth, women, and vulnerable groups.
Why is this campaign being organized?

The "Kuasa Orang Muda" campaign is organized with the following objectives:

  • Encouraging youth to become active citizens
  • Developing the knowledge and capacity of youth regarding democracy and politics

Simply put, we want more young people to be aware of politics as a tool for bringing about change, and we want to see more youth representatives in Parliament, State Legislative Assemblies, and even Residents Associations!


Want to know about your level of understanding of democracy so far? Let's answer this Democracy Quiz to find out your level of Kuasa Orang Muda! This quiz is inspired by "Are You An Extraordinary Citizen?" quiz by the Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights (MCCHR).
P/S Answer honestly. 😼



An e-learning portal where you can learn about various important topics such as democracy, changemaking, and others by watching short videos and answering some questions. You can receive a certificate upon completing modules. Suitable for young people, parents, and teachers.



Are you looking for materials to share about democracy? Searching for teaching aids? Want to get infographics that can be easily shared through WhatsApp? Need to persuade your friends or family to go out and vote?

We have gathered Toolkits and Modules on democracy education and active citizenship, specifically designed for young voters, first-time voters, parents, teachers, and anyone who wants to learn more about democracy. Download and share them!

Activating Malaysians:
The D-I-Y Toolkit

Published by Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights (MCCHR)

Knock Down The House:
Youth Toolkit

Published by Netflix

Youth Advocacy Guide

Published by UNICEF

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